Focas India

Congratulations to a number of WildFires artists who have been selected as part of the Fòcas India Competition. A full list of all winners and exhibitors can be found on the Fòcas website.

Fòcas Scotland offers emerging photographers a professional platform for international exchange, exhibition and training. They support and share exciting work that inspires new dialogues about place, identity and culture.


Franki Raffles Exhibition at Glasgow School of Art

'Observing Women At Work' - Scottish documentary photographer Franki Raffles at Glasgow School of Art: opening 4th March.

See work from three of Franki’s major projects, ‘Women Workers in the USSR’ (1984/1989), ‘To Let You Understand’ (1987-1988), and her images for the first Zero Tolerance campaign in 1992, titled ‘Prevalence.’

The exhibition is curated by Jenny Brownrigg in partnership with the Franki Raffles Archive Project, run from Edinburgh Napier by Dr. Alistair Scott, St. Andrews University and Zero Tolerance.