Gina Lundy

Gina Lundy is a Bristol born photographer based in Glasgow. She studied Documentary Photography at Newport University (2009) and is currently studying for a Master in Research at Glasgow School of Art (2017), creating work around class, gender and social protest. 

Her work explores landscape and community through a mixture of methods including; photography, interviews, workshops, and archival material. Her creative approach aims to uncover and re-present hidden narratives and marginalised voices through a range of mediums - photography, text, screen print, installations and publications. 

Gina has exhibited in London, Brighton, Cardiff and Bristol. Her work has been published in The Times, Telegraph, Financial Times and The Guardian. Her recent zine, 'Fantastic New Community' is on sale at Street Level Photoworks and she is looking forward to exhibiting in Scotland for the first time this year.

The body of work presented below has been made in response to the current shortage of housing in the UK and the changing urban landscape, specifically areas of previous social housing in London undergoing renewal, gentrification, dislocation or demolition.


Sweets Way Resists, London, 2015   © Gina Lundy

Sweets Way Resists, London, 2015  © Gina Lundy

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