Margaret Mitchell: Sony World Photography Awards

A selection of images from Margaret Mitchell’s series ‘In This Place’ came 2nd in the Contemporary Issues category at the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. The work traces the loves and losses of her late sister’s family in Stirling in central Scotland and offers a broader commentary on Scotland and social inequality in terms of both opportunity and environment. It updates the earlier work 'Family (1994).

Margaret said of her award:

Being able to bring this work to a wider audience and convey the complexity of their life experiences is important on both a personal and professional level. I hope viewers will be left with some questions about how society operates, about the role of opportunity and environment, about inequality. But essentially, to see the importance of these lives, lives that may not always be visible.

Work will be exhibited at Somerset House, London from 20th April to the 6th May 2018.

More Info: World Photography Organisation website