Susanne Ramsenthaler

Susanne Ramsenthaler is a visual artist living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work is mostly lens-based, encompassing a wide range of practice, from antique non-silver printing techniques to video, digital imaging and computer animation.

Her interest lies in visual perception as well as things that are liminal, on the edges, or hybrids – the fine line between attraction and repulsion, for example, and all things connected with this idea.

In this spirit, mixing low-tech with high-tech, old with new, has become a regular mode of working.

Susanne Ramsenthaler exhibits widely on a national and international level. Her work has been shown in the UK, USA, South Africa, Spain, Germany, Croatia, and at the St. Petersburg Biennale, Russia.


 © Susanne Ramsenthaler // from    Household Forensics

© Susanne Ramsenthaler // from Household Forensics


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