Miriam Chefrad

Miriam Chefrad is a visual artist and filmmaker who grew up between Yorkshire and Tangiers. Chefrad has been working photographically since 2006, with a travelling practice and produces work focused upon political and philanthropic themes with a Middle Eastern core.

Recent work by Chefrad has focused upon the politics of displacement of individuals within Jordan, Palestine and Syria.

Past exhibitions include New Scottish Artists – London, Season of Photography Scotland – FutureProof 15, Dublin Culture Night and The Royal Scottish Academy - New Contemporaries.

"Art, for me, is a powerful way to communicate ideas about important contemporary issues left un-championed. I make statements regarding the political and social. I work with metaphorical representation and visual narrative that can be pondered on a deeper spiritual level. I aim for my work to have psychological and emotional impact. Through this I hope to empower the viewer – in aide of dialogue between peoples and consideration of our individual responsibilities to humanity. I create projects in which my subjects can benefit as their message is broadcasted on a human level. This aides in my personal quest for heightened universal understanding, equality and philanthropy in the modern day world."

Website: www.miriamchefrad.com

'Fragments' - Film Still  // © Miriam Chefrad

'Fragments' - Film Still // © Miriam Chefrad

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