Karen Vaughan

My practice is very much process based, influenced by, and often embracing, the use of traditional crafts, the written word and song. Photography, screen-printing and hand-stitched works are frequently combined and re-presented within contemporary platforms.

More recently, after an extended period of time on the production of hand stitched works, I have been focusing on the photographic elements of my practice.

Using plastic film cameras, I have been investigating geographical and socioeconomic landscapes capturing the effects of declining industries and associated historical and political environments.  Deliberately double exposing the film in the camera, manipulating it so that images run into and over each other, the outcomes often produce accidental meetings and chance poetic relationships.

Recent exhibitions include London Photomonth, Glasgow Print Studio and Street Level Photoworks. Karen currently lives and works in Glasgow.

Website: www.karenlvaughan.net

Pittenweem //  © Karen Vaughan

Pittenweem // © Karen Vaughan

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