Anneleen Lindsay

Anneleen Lindsay (BA with distinction, Edinburgh College 2015) is an Edinburgh based freelance photographer interested in storytelling portraiture and the interplay between people and their environments. She is in her element whilst shooting creative portraits out on a blustery moor or timeless fashion in an ancient forest. Her personal work draws on her previous studies in literature, theatre and film to explore the varied but connected themes of Romanticism, solitude, representations of femininity, feminism, the natural environment and land usage.

Anneleen's work has been exhibited in London, Edinburgh, the USA, Russia and Vietnam and has been featured in The New York Times and The London Evening Standard. She had her first solo exhibition 'All the World's a Stage' in Edinburgh in April 2017. She was a winner in the British Journal of Photography's 'Portrait of Britain', the British Council's 'Shakespeare Lives in Photography' and the Association of Photographers' Junior Assistant competitions. 

In addition to her own photographic work, Anneleen has been a member of the Retina Photography Festival committee since its inception in 2014.  She is passionate about discovering and promoting the work of fellow photographers and building community in the industry.


© Anneleen Lindsay // The grandest scale spread before us

© Anneleen Lindsay // The grandest scale spread before us

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